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EMI Reducer: Ferrite Ring

EMI Reducer: Ferrite Ring

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Sensitive: Electronic devices produce certain frequencies that may disturb other electronics that are sensitive to those frequencies. It doesn't matter if it's a household appliance or in an automotive application: Ferrite rings are a common way to curb these disturbances. Hows it work? A ferrite core or bead can be added to an inductor to improve, in two ways, its ability to block unwanted high-frequency noise. First, the ferrite concentrates the magnetic field, increases inductance and therefore reactance, which impedes or filters the noise. Designed: To be used on the output cord of any HID ballast or input wiring on an HID bulb, no matter OEM or aftermarket parts; If your radio is picking up static from your new HID system, these will help.


  • Length: 1.2
  • Height: 0.6
  • Width: 0.6
  • Prop65 Warning: Yes
  • DOT Compliant: Yes

Tech Specifications

  • USES: 12V Automotive
  • OTHER NAMES: Ferrite Choke, Ferrite Core

Whats Included

  • FERRITE RING: 1x Radio Static Reducer
  • Warranty: 5 Years


  • USES: Replacement Part for Broken Factory Component
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