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Profile Smoke Rings: (Set)

Profile Smoke Rings: (Set)

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Profile Performance: Has been producing the best LED Halos in the aftermarket for years now, and with little optimizing still possible on their LED angel eye rings, what more could enthusiasts ask for? A more neutral look of course. With the Smoke Rings, you can now lay low even if you want to run a hay low. Best of both worlds! Size Specific: The Smoke Rings are produced from a specially molded silicone that's designed to wrap the face of Profile's Pivot Switchback or Prism RGB LED halo rings. They are size-specific to ensure nothing but a perfect fit once fitted inside the lights. They even have a special cut-out to accommodate the wiring attachment point on the back of the ring. Hides Everything: A white ring inside of a dark headlight looks out of place, especially when un-lit. The Smoke Rings fix that. They're also perfect for hiding any mounting wire used to tie the ring to the face of your headlight shroud. Easy Install: With a traditional 'fishing wire' mounting method, you'll want to loosely mount the ring to the face of your headlight, install the smoke ring, then pull the mounting wires tight. This will secure the halo ring to the headlight, and compress the rear flanges on the Smoke Rings with the surface of your headlight-- further securing their grip. Smoked: Using the Smoke Rings will reduce the intensity of the LED halos by approximately 20%. Thankfully, Profile Pivot and Prism angel eyes are among the brightest in the biz, so their performance at night will still be more than pleasing! Worth it for the much-improved looks during the day? 100% Compatibility: They are available to fit LED halo rings between 70-100mm in Outer Diameter. The Pivot sizes are for rings that are 6mm wide, and the Prism sizes are for boards that are 7mm wide. You may be able to use them with other brands, but the fitment may not be as-ideal as using them with Profile's own rings.


  • Length: 3
  • Height: 6
  • Width: 0.5
  • Prop65 Warning: Yes
  • DOT Compliant: Yes

Tech Specifications

  • Material: Profile SuperSilicone
  • Color: Smoked
  • Thickness: <1mm
  • Fitment: Molded/Stretch Fit
  • Note: Smoke Rings reduce halo kelvin approx. 1000K

Whats Included

  • Halo Covers: 2x (One Pair) Profile 100mm Pivot Smoke Rings
  • Warranty: 5 Years


  • LED HALOS: 100mm Profile Pivot Only
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